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Pandora's Box

Pandora's Box 

by Gracen Miller

This amazing book looked great like this...

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Where does the road to Hell begin? 

What happens when your son turns homicidal overnight, killing the family cat before gutting the family dog? Do you cower in fear or fight for your life? Madison Wescott fights against the odds. Distrustful of a God she doesn't believe in, she finds herself face-to-face with a demonic world she didn't know existed and discovers her own soul is darkened with demonic connections. 

With good intentions? 

Madison had it all…or thought she did. A husband she adored and a son that brought joy to her life. Then one morning her husband kissed her goodbye, headed off to work and disappeared. Life turned upside down, Madison grows desperate and despondent to help her bloodthirsty son after numerous attempts have failed. Only one man dares to challenge the supernatural forces manipulating them. 

Or by demonic design? 

Phoenix Birmingham breaches her life in a whirlwind of sarcasm and sexual appeal. A hero for the masses—and for her 
jaded heart—but few will ever know the sacrifices he has made or the sacrifices to come. Discovering her entire life has 
been influenced by multifaceted paranormal beings, Madison is determined to defeat the apocalyptic blueprint fate has 
decreed. Even with Phoenix's aid, can destiny be denied? Or will demonic design prevail and they pay the crucial price with their souls?

Chapter One
What the fuck?
A mixture of disbelief and irritation rattled through Madison Wescott. She considered her son, Amos. The doctor looked on as if he hadn’t just delivered the most screwed-up diagnosis she’d ever received. Adamant denial surged in the form of a pounding headache.
“What?” She couldn’t have heard him right.
“Ms. Wescott, all the tests came back normal.” The physician’s placating voice did nothing to soothe her. He scratched his chin, and his eyes gleamed as if her child’s abnormal symptoms captivated him. That possibility pissed her off. Her fingers tingled to whack him with her purse, but she managed to resist the impulse. “Everything except the anomaly with his blood.” He scrunched his features as if the abnormality still perplexed him. “Fascin—”
When his glance landed on her hands twisting into tight fists in her lap, a flash of wariness became evident in his ordinary brown eyes. His insensitive choice of words made her want to put her fist in his eye. There was nothing fascinating about the situation her child was in. She settled on giving him a contemptuous glare.
The doctor cleared his throat, his Adam’s apple bobbing, she guessed from nerves after his tactless blunder.
His bedside manner needs lots of work. She should complain, but knew she wouldn’t take the time. She had bigger problems than his inconsideration.
Failing to meet her gaze, he continued. “Otherwise, I can assure you there is nothing physically wrong with him.”
“Just psychologically?” she drawled with enough sarcasm to intimidate a heavyweight boxer.
“With the right psychiatrist and medication…Um…”
She would not drug her child into a zombie state so everyone could cope with his condition. He was already a zombie without medication.
“We think—” so refreshing the doctor only thought and didn’t have a damn solid answer, “—he can live a relatively normal life with medication.”
“Relatively?” she echoed, baffled at how the doctor could think his diagnosis would make her feel better.
“Dissociative Identity Disorders are not the end of the world, Ms. Wescott.”
Dissociative Identity Disorder my ass! The new feel-good medical terminology for multiple personalities did not make her feel good at all. Something else plagued her child. Putting a nice, neat, medical nametag on the disorder didn’t alter the diagnosis or make her feel any freaking better.
Although… She stared at her son. He sat on the table, his legs swishing back and forth like any high-energy child. Amos glared at the doctor with enough malice blazing from his baby blue eyes to send shivers of uneasy dread scuttling up her spine. Yeah, she couldn’t deny something was amiss, but she trusted her gut, and it said something more than Multiple Personality Disorder troubled him.
Two months ago, he’d been a happy, healthy, normal child. He’d giggled often and adored his feline and canine companions. The next day, he’d been mute and homicidal.
He snapped the cat’s neck the first week of the change, receiving multiple scratches before he managed feline murder. Five years old, and he displayed a marked increase in strength. Explaining the violent incident in the emergency room would have been difficult in the best scenarios. She endured hostile glances from the medical personnel, certain they whispered about her being a bad mother. She read the silent warning in their eyes and knew Social Services would be called if it happened again. If she thought they would help, she’d call them herself. Either way, she didn’t want or need a repeat performance of the event ever again.
The dog came next. Amos sliced and diced her with a kitchen carving knife, and Madison had no idea how or when he procured the weapon. She left him playing alone in the fenced-in backyard long enough to pour a glass of iced tea, couldn’t have been more than five minutes at most. When she returned, she found him and the dog on the back porch. Blood everywhere. Amos’s blond hair had been speckled with the stuff, his pale face splotched red, and his hands coated to his elbows like he’d used the blood as lotion. The clothes on his chest blossomed with the substance, as if he’d wallowed in the sanguine fluid. The smile on his face…her hands trembled at the memory. She’d choked on a scream and retched over the side of the railing until she could do nothing more than dry heave.
Amos had caught a fly, and she’d been amazed at his quick reflexes. Afterward, he tortured it, holding it steady with his fingers while he pulled off its legs before moving on to those fragile wings. Stunned by his ability to inflict torture without emotion, she’d stood immobile until the last moment when she’d slapped the insect out of his hand. Those horrible incidences heralded the beginning of his atrocities.
Twice he’d tried to stab her, slicing her upper thigh the second time. As she stitched the wound herself, she contemplated what she’d done wrong when she hid all the knives on the top shelf of her bedroom closet. How had Amos reached them? When the gash turned an angry shade of red, she worried about infection. She’d slathered the wound with antibiotic ointment, added warm, salty compresses, and luckily, the cut healed after two months. Still tender, she would wear the ragged scar of her son’s attack for the remainder of her life, but she refused to give up on him, or allow anyone to know the total truth of his ferocity. The protective instincts of motherhood had kicked in. Nothing on earth could force her to betray him.
He’d kicked, scratched, and bitten her more times than she could count. When each violent episode ceased—sometimes he snapped out of it in the middle of the rage—he would collapse in her arms. Often, he dropped into a coma-like sleep. Other times, he sobbed until exhausted sleep claimed him. His heartbreak broke her heart.
The doctor didn’t seem to notice her distress—just as well—and continued in his patronizing tone. “This disorder always involves some sort of trauma, Ms. Wescott. Your frank honesty can help us determine the trigger and proceed accordingly.”
She ground her teeth hard. “Nothing has changed in his life.”
Shortly after Amos turned two, her husband walked out the door. Not a word from him in the three years since. In those ensuing years, they moved through the routine of normal life and birthdays without his father.
“I’m sure if you would consider—”
“Enough!” The doctor flinched as Madison came to her feet with a snap. She sent him a hostile glare, snatched up her purse, and held her hand out to Amos. “Let’s go, baby.”
Amos pushed off the examination table while the doctor’s mouth opened and closed like a fish. Her son smiled at him, his docile expression still somehow reeking of evil intent. It creeped her out when her baby gave such an iniquitous, yet smug glare. She couldn’t explain the expression. Something about his eyes screeched not just evil, but also malevolence.
A pungent aroma that reminded her of rotten eggs assaulted her nostrils. She put a finger to her nose, but nothing helped obliterate the stench. It had become stronger lately. God-awful described the scent perfectly. Madison peered at the doctor. “Do you smell that?”
“Sulfur,” he whispered, his face pale as rice paper. The doctor gawked at her son. He tossed the chart aside, jumped to his feet, knees popping, and said in a wobbly voice, “Ms. Wescott, I don’t think you should walk out that door.” He stared at Amos, not sparing her a single glance through his statement.
The doctor’s hands shook, and fear parted his mouth. Wondering at his sudden alarm, she peeked at Amos. A fiery orange glow surrounded the outer perimeter of his blue eyes. The color arrived with each of his violent episodes. The child blinked, and the color dissipated.
“We really must put him somewhere we can watch him around the clock and run tests, so we can find out what’s causing his problem.”
Her narrow-eyed gaze snapped to him. “No.” More tests with no answers weren’t an option. As long as she breathed, her son would never become a lab rat. “He does not leave me. Ever.”
Anyone who tried to take him would be a dead man.


Gracen is a hopeless daydreamer masquerading as a “normal” person in southern society. When not writing, she’s a full-time basketball/lacrosse/guitar mom for her two sons and a devoted wife to her real-life hero-husband of over twenty years. She has an unusual relationship with her muse, Dom, but credits all her creative success to his brilliant mind. She’s addicted to writing, paranormal romance novels and movies, Alabama football, and coffee...addictions are not necessarily in order of priority. She’s convinced coffee is nectar from the gods and when blending coffee and writing together it generates the perfect creative merger. Many of her creative worlds are spawned from coffee highs and Dom’s aggressive demands.

To learn more about Gracen or to leave her a comment, visit her website at

Other books in the series:

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Where you can find more information about the book and author:
Gracen Miller (author): 

My Review:

I was so excited when Pandora's box came out I couldn't wait to read it. Gracen Miller is an awesome author and she did not disappoint this book is AMAZING!! It is so refreshing to read an original story line and Gracen has created such wonderful depth to her characters it's impossible not to relate to Madison and just how far a mother will go to protect her child. With a vicious twist on the concept of a love triangle and some amazingly surprising plot twists not to mention the super sexy Nix *wink* I couldn't put this book down. I DVR'd all my shows (including Bones which I never do), my kids had to fend for themselves for dinner and I was up WAY passed my bed time. Pandrora's Box was worth every minute of my time! When i finished the book I went strait to Amazon and bought Madison's life lessons which I also didn't put down until I read the whole book. Needless to say I was anxiously waiting for Hell's Phoenix (which was even more amazing than i can imagine)when it came out. I have also read all of the other amazing books in the series and am chomping at the bit for After the fire (#4) and Immortal Deceiver (#5) to come out. If you haven't already fallen in love with Madison then I promise you, you will!!!

Reviews of Pandora's Box coming August 10-15th at the following sites...

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Gracen Miller: Signed Prints Giveaway

Gracen Miller: Signed Prints Giveaway: These are what's up for grabs by me in the giveaway... New Cover (proof copy) and inside view of errors   Original artwork f...

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The Offering blog tour and giveaway

The Offering by Kimberly Derting True love—and world war—is at stake in the conclusion to The Pledge trilogy, a dark and romantic blend of dystopia and fantasy. Charlie, otherwise known as Queen Charlaina of Ludania, has become comfortable as a leader and a ruler. She’s done admirable work to restore Ludania’s broken communications systems with other Queendoms, and she’s mastered the art of ignoring Sabara, the evil former queen whose Essence is alive within Charlie. Or so she thinks. When the negotiation of a peace agreement with the Queendom of Astonia goes awry, Charlie receives a brutal message that threatens Ludania, and it seems her only option is to sacrifice herself in exchange for Ludanian freedom. But things aren’t always as they seem. Charlie is walking into a trap—one set by Sabara, who is determined to reclaim the Queendoms at any cost.

Barnes and Nobleamazon blogBook Depository blog
  Praise for The Offering "This was a truly epic ending to the series." --Crystal Perkins, Goodreads Review "The final book in Kimberly Derting’s Pledge trilogy is a thrilling conclusion. I was immediately swept up into it and powered right through. It was pretty much what I wanted with a few surprises along the way." --Krys at Bibliopunkk Reads
add to goodreads
Pledge Trilogy
kimberly derting
  Author Kimberly Derting Kimberly Derting is the author of the BODY FINDER series, THE PLEDGE trilogy, and THE TAKING (coming April 2014 from HarperTeen). She lives in the Seattle area, with her husband and three children, who often find the outrageous things they say either in the pages of her books or posted on Twitter or Facebook for the entire world to see.  

Review: The Pledge

I had never heard of Kimberly Derting before I found this book as a free read on amazon. It sounded different and interesting so I got it for my Kindle.  There it sat on my ever growing "to be read" list for a long time. Then I signed up for a blog book tour to review The Offering, the third book in the Pledge trilogy. So of course I brought it up on my kindle and started to read. I didn't stop reading until I was done. If you've ever had a book hangover then you know what I mean when I say I was a walking zombie for half of the next day but it was SO WORTH IT!

The Pledge was a very unique take on a Dystopian world. I really liked the world created in the story. It was so easy to picture everything being described. The story very smooth in it's progression. The book captured me in the very first chapter and held me enthralled until the very last page. Although the characters seemed a little predictable to me at first I soon found out that I was so wrong! As the story progresses the characters become so much more than I thought at the beginning.

The reason I write reviews is because I love the books that I read and I want to share how I feel about a book so that maybe someone will read my review and think "That book sounds great I now I want to read it.". I also write reviews to let the author know that I feel as passionate about reading their stories as much as they do when writing them. It's my way of saying thank you for your time, sweat and tears. Thank you for letting me in to your mind and your imagination.

When I choose to pick up a new to me book I always read a few reviews just to get a feel for what others thought about the story. I read the good reviews as well as not so good then I threw all of that out the window and dove in to find out for myself.

I was really surprised to find so many three star reviews for this book when I had heard so many good things about it. This Pledge in my opinion is a six star book! Hear are a couple of reasons why reasons why:

*this part of my review is going to contain a couple spoilers I usually try to stay away from them if I can but I think this has to be said. So if you haven't read the book yet please feel free to skip the rest of my review*

I love all of the little things about this story. The subtle things that if your not paying attention you miss.
For example when Brook finds out Aron has been taken and tortured by the queen. Right then you realize that the real reason she doesn't want him to go out with her and Charlie at night is because she doesn't want him to see her flirting with other guys to gain info because her feeling for him are much more than she lets on. I really couldn't stand her as a friend until that moment.

I also like the fact that Charlie doesn't fall in love with Max the first time she lays eyes on him. I think the relationship is set at a really good pace for the story to unfold. a lot of YA books I've read lately rush right into love, lust and trust. I believe trust has to be gained for true love to take root and Kimberly has done a great job building the trust between the two characters.

All I can say is this book was AMAZING! I recommend it to anyone looking for some thing new and original. I also recommend you take the off to read it because once you pick it up there's no way you'll put it down until the end.

Review: The Essence

From being born a vendor's daughter to becoming queen and falling in love with the handsome prince sounds like a perfect Cinderella story but for Charlie it's anything but. Especially when the evil queen has become literally her own personal inner demon.

The Essence starts off very soon after The Pledge ends. I'm reading the trilogy back to back and found the transition from book one to book two perfect. I love this series for it's originality. I'm liking the evolution of the characters as well as the new characters introduced in this part of the story.

The Essence has a very different, but equally terrific, vibe to it. I was drawn in to the story right away. I was a little sad that Max wasn't a big part of the story but I understood why that was and how it moved the story in the way it needed to go.

Review: The Offering

I would first like to say received an ARC copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

I really enjoyed the girl power that was prominent in this book. I loved the relationship that the three lead girls shared. It's nice to see self-sufficient women fighting battles and going through struggles without the help of a man. Sometimes I get so sick of how needy heroins have become in books so this was a nice switch from needy and dependent to strong and self- reliant.

Charlie faces a lot in The Offering. New foes, allies turned foe, troubles in her own country, and her own inner demon that is Sabara. Not to mention the fact that she is still a very new queen trying to prove herself time and time again.

Although I would have liked more of Max and Charlies' romance back in this book that didn't happen. I would have liked to become more and more attached to Max. I really liked him in the first book. I felt liked his character was kind of put aside to show Charlies' independence and how no matter how much she loved him she had struggle with everything in her life alone. 

Like The Pledge and The Essence, The Offering grabs you and sucks you in from chapter one and holds you captive until the end. I loved the flow of the story and I just couldn't put it down. 

I do have to say that this book has one downfall that is absolutely the same as every other great ending to a trilogy. It's the end of a trilogy.....There should be a law that states: "There is no such thing as the end for great characters, the author MUST keep writing the story". But of course there is no such law so for all of us crazy fan readers out there sometimes we just have to bow our heads and say good bye.

All joking aside this was a great trilogy and I'm sad it's over.

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Two Degrees Closer to Hell blitz

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Two Degrees Closer To Hell
Genre: Horror
Cover Artist: Airicka's Mystical Creations
Publisher: Staccato Publishing
Release Date: December 17, 2013

Speculative fiction writer, David Fingerman, is back with a series of short stories guaranteed to curl your toes and raise your hair. If you're looking for some quick thrills, let these stories take you on a ride that will bring you two degrees closer to Hell.

Travis Crowder did not see himself as evil. Unfortunately for him, the judge, prosecutor, witnesses, and most importantly, the jury, did. 
People in the gallery sitting behind the prosecutor applauded and cheered at the reading of the verdict. The ones behind the defense table were escorted from the courtroom.
“Order!” Judge Alvin Baker pounded his gavel. Silence ensued. “Travis Crowder, you have been found guilty of murder in the first degree by a jury of your peers. Do you have anything to say before sentencing?”
Travis stared down at the table without getting up. “It was an accident.”
His attorney did stand. “Your Honor, I request that you hold off on sentencing until I can file an appeal.”
The remaining crowd booed.
Judge Baker glared at the audience.  “None of that, now.” He motioned to the deputy who then cuffed Travis’ hands behind his back and guided him to the front of the bench.
“Look at me, son.” Baker spoke in a soft, calming voice.
Looking up from the plastic sheet on which he stood, Travis tried to focus on the judge, and then he heard the click.
Travis stood next to his attorney behind the defense table and watched as one deputy holstered his gun, two others wrapped the plastic around the body while another wiped blood splatter off the front of the bench and removed pieces of skull lodged into the wood.
“What the hell!” Travis grabbed at his attorney’s arm. His hand went right through. Confused and nearing panic, Travis screamed. No one reacted.
“Damn, I love watching the life go out in their eyes. I tell ya, that’s what being a judge is all about.” Baker pounded the gavel. “We’re in recess, people."




During the summer months when the sun is shining and birds are singing, David is perfectly content to sit in his office, with blinds drawn, typing away at the computer. His favorite day of the year is the first day toward the end of summer that’s cool enough to pull a flannel shirt from the closet. 

As a student at the University of Minnesota, David realized that if he switched his major from journalism to speech, he could graduate that quarter. It was a no-brainer. After 24 years of working in the court system, he walked away to write full time – another no-brainer.

Two Degrees Closer to Hell will be his second collection of short stories. He has also written three other novels.

David is married and lives in Minneapolis.

TWITTER (@davfin23)

*banner made by: Kim Walker*

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The Violet Hours Book Review Blogaversary

To the Wonderful
Becca & Andrea at

To celebrate Becca is putting together an amazing interview and giveaway with the very sexy Maxwell brothers from Octavian's Undoing by Airicka Phoenix.

About Becca:

So Becca  is an English major, 22 years old, enjoys walking along the beach–but not really, this isn’t a dating site, and I’m most likely not interested unless of course you are one of the many, many, many, many boys in books I’ve fallen in love with and has ruined any chance for real flesh and blood men. So back to what I was getting at, I like to read–no, that’s not right, just ask Andrea; I am obsessed with reading. Do it instead of homework–it’s a problem. I am a hardcore–maybe to the point of a problem–paranormal fan. I love sci-fi, and on rare, very RARE occasions do I read contemporary fiction. I do enjoy the classics. Well, that’s a bit of a lie. I am an English major so I have those books forced upon me and sometimes we find winners. A few of my favorite authors, and mind you I said a few, are Quinn Loftis, Amy Bartol, Jennifer Armentrout, Wendy Higgins, and Erica Stevens … I should stop or I will go on forever. Some of Andrea’s favorites are shared favorites so don’t feel left out ;). And NOW IT’S ANDREA’S TURN (also I will probably not write in all caps; it bothers us English/Creative Writing Majors).
Becca Quote:
So as you know, probably. I love LOVE LOVE LOVE Airicka Phoenix, i love her writing, i love her characters, i love her as a person. She is a good friend, and I am soosososoo honored she agreed to do this with me. 

So for the surprise for the Blog-a-versary 
I got to do an exclusive, all access, (and yes alll access ladies) 
Interview with the Maxwell Brothers. 
So please do join us on December 21st, both here (, and on my blog (, for the interview. Oh did i mention I will be giving away a paperback of Octavian's Undoing?  
Be there or be square — with Airicka Phoenix Author and Kimberly Schaaf.

Meet the Maxwell boys:

Octavian's Undoing:

No good deed goes unpunished.

Riley Masters learns this the hard way when she finds a wallet and decides to do the right thing. But returning it will cost her much more than she bargains for.

Abandoned by her mother, raised by an indifferent father, Riley has accepted the fact that she would be alone always. She has no idea that a single act of kindness would propel her into a world where creatures that shouldn’t exist guard the human race from the demons that lurk in the shadows. That it will cost her the lives of those she loves while unearthing a destiny she never imagined with a man who is forbidden to love her. She finds passion, romance and the family she’d been searching for her entire life, but at what cost and what is she willing to sacrifice to find answers and happiness?

Octavian Maxwell has always known his place. He is a Caster, a Son of Judgment. His job is to protect the mortal world from the creatures plotting to destroy it. Instead, his world is shattered when a human girl walks into Final Judgment, a girl he has been searching for his entire life, a girl he is forbidden to ever touch. Being with her will break the oath he’s sworn to never love a mortal. But his heart has already found its mate and it refuses to let go.

Final Judgment… a place undetected, a gateway to evil and a legend that will undo everything anyone has ever known about our world.

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Rockin the Heart cover reveal

ROCKIN the HEART by Gracen Miller
NA Contemporary
Expected release date: January 21

(unofficial blurb – official blurb will release along with the book on January 21, 2014)

If music nourishes the soul…

Loved by millions, but shunned by blood, Heath “Fang” Fangor has led his band, Hot Wired, to the top while others have fallen by the wayside. He devoted his life to music, and from that devotion harvested a new family—his band mates and fans.

A man can desire nothing else…or can he?

Living in the shadow of her brother’s fame sucks! Sam Collins is desperate to have what she wants—a simple and uncomplicated life. She’s no stranger to scandals and how they work. Now that she’s inadvertently dragged Fang into the center of her latest gossip, could the scandal she created in her quest for freedom have gone too far?

Amid stardom the heart stages a new melody…

Fang has more fame and fortune than he will ever need, but none of that matters if he can’t have the woman of his dreams. Years have been wasted waiting for the right moment to approach the woman his heart desires above all others. There’s just one major problem...she’s his best friend’s sister. To have her, he will have to risk it all.

That might be responsible for Rockin the Heart!

Author bio

Gracen is a hopeless daydreamer masquerading as a “normal” person in southern society.  When not writing, she’s a full-time basketball/football/guitar mom for her two sons and a devoted wife to her real-life hero-husband. She’s addicted to writing, paranormal romance novels, movies, Alabama football and coffee…addictions are not necessarily in order of priority. She is convinced coffee is nectar from the gods and blending coffee and writing together generates the perfect creative merger. Many of her creative worlds are spawned from coffee highs. To learn more about Gracen and her writing or to leave her a comment, visit her at the following sites:


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